so i heard you like slime

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A Monthly Mix: September 2014!


Hi hi hi! It’s finally Fall! And this mix is finally here! Slightest of apologies for the more than slight delay, but it’s better now—I promise!—because the beginning of September didn’t even feel like Fall anyway! As you might expect, it’s pretty warm and fuzzy (both feelings-wise and copious…

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Waitin’ Around to Die / Townes Van Zandt

gourmet pizza and beer beer beer and another tipsy bikeride to ol’ plan 9 and those walls of videos and heartworn highways and hot cider and whiskey and kissing and hooping and hollering and tiny tiny stumbles and a california deity named ira with his vest and long hair and dresses that graze kneecaps oh god bless the fall breeze with my three open windows

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Intertwined are my fingers with my own on my lap

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"Mascot of Corporate America" by The Mr. Pickle Experience